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What do your shoppers, clients and electorate think? What are the latest public tendencies?


You have many questions and we know how to ask them and to systematize the answers so that you can clearly see the picture. Moreover, we know how to get in touch with those audiences that remain inaccessible to your market research division.

Tell us what you would like to know and we will find a way to get the answers you need.

When does it pay to do research?

  • When public opinion on one or the other issue is an important part of decision making process;
  • When your performance depends on the changes of your market and public opinion;

Surveys We Offer


"akis į akį" apklausos

A method of direct interview when people are interviewed on the streets, in institutions or other strategic places

Phone surveys:

Telefoninės apklausos

Effective and efficient way to survey a large number of respondents in several regions;



a method of direct research when a large number of respondents is regularly interviewed.

Focus groups

Focus grupė

A group of people express their opinion on one or another issue and experts look for correlations between unrelated opinions.

Interesting facts

  • Due to funding from the Ministries and EU funds, we can offer highly competitive prices.
  • In 2009 we invested 74 000 Litas into professional development. Thus we can offer a high level of professionalism.
  • When buying from us, governmental sector is entitled to a simplified order of public procurements.
  • We are socially responsible. In 2010 we received an award „For integration of socially vulnerable persons into the job market.“

Eurotela is a social enterprise providing professional publicity and market research services since 2006. We partner with governmental, public and business companies and agencies and offer them a wide spectrum of services and a flexible approach.

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We offer services that encompass all aspects of your company‘s or organization‘s publicity. Read more