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You have ideas – we put numbers and facts behind them. Our research is of interest to all those, whose success depends on public perception: political parties, business companies, public institutions, municipalities and government agencies.

Research tools:

  • Market research
  • Public opinion polls
  • Organizational research
  • Secret shopper services

You have lots of questions - we know how to ask them and to systematize the answers so you can clearly see the picture.


  • Face-to-face
  • Phone
  • Omnibus
  • Focus group

Tell us what you want to know and we will find a way to get your answers.

Your company has good things to share? Planning an even? We know how to tell your success story and direct the public attention to you.

Publicity services

  • Advertising and print
  • Information stands
  • Articles in the press
  • Event planning
  • Websites

Our employees ensure a continuous surveillance of the surroundings and work together with the police and security companies to prevent crime and public order violations.

Suverilance services:

  • Coninuous video surveilance (24/7);
  • Register crime and public order violations;
  • Reporting to the police and security companies;
  • Supplying visual evidence;

We have solutions for you!

For business:

The spectrum of services we offer is geared to meet private sector’s needs at the different stages of company‘s, product‘s or service‘s life cycle. Our goal is to meet your needs as well as we can and build long-term partnerships based on mutual trust. >


For public sector

Is communicating with the public, electorate and clients an important part of your work and your success? If so, services we offer for public sector should be of interest to you. >



Eurotela is a social enterprise providing professional publicity and market research services since 2006. We partner with governmental, public and business companies and agencies and offer them a wide spectrum of services and a flexible approach.

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We offer services that encompass all aspects of your company‘s or organization‘s publicity. Read more